our philosophy

At The Gathering Place we believe that:

Women Gathered in Miami

• How we birth and raise our daughters and our sons has an impact on our sense of ourselves across time and culture as well as how we as a society view motherhood and mothering. Pregnancy and birth are natural processes central to which is the unity of mother and child and the bond of the family as participants. Providing quality services, education and support fosters independence and respectfully guides women and their families through the process of pregnancy, labor & birth.

• Women and their families have the right to determine the standard of care they desire during pregnancy and childbirth. Arming clients with the tools they need to make fully informed choices is essential to providing complete care.

• There is not one right answer for all situations, understanding that, we acknowledge the value of traditional and complementary forms of health promotion and treatment. Our staff is made up of responsible practitioners who educate themselves regarding the values and ethics embodied in the services we provide. In our relationships with our clients, honesty, integrity and personal responsibility are of utmost importance.

Community is not just a concept at The Gathering Place, but the way we do business every day. Our business is built on high standards of ethical practice designed to bring information-based education to women and their families. We see our clients as valuable contributors to the growth and success of our business and the success of our vision is measured by our client’s positive birth experiences and thoughtful parenting, by our staff members’ happiness and commitment to quality work, and by our contribution to the improvement of the community around us.

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