therapeutic massage

Massage is a wonderful complement to your prenatal and postnatal wellness. The sensory experience brings greater awareness to your body and your baby, enhancing your pregnancy and birth experience. Massage:

- reduces stress
- promotes relaxation
- relieves muscle pain in the hips, back, neck, and legs
- helps reduce edema; and improves labor outcomes.

After birth, postpartum massage helps restore the abdomen and weight bearing muscles and joints.

An effective tool for relieving the stress and fatigue associated with daily activities, massage therapy can reduce the healing time for acute injuries and aid in repairing many chronic physical conditions. Massage can ease the discomforts of the last two trimesters of pregnancy as well as provide exceptional pain management during labor. After delivery, massage aids in soothing tired muscles and provides necessary nurturing time for moms. Our staff of Therapists provide massage to partners and family members as well.

We offer on-site massage, at home massage and in hospital massage. Our therapists specialize in a variety of techniques including Deep Release, Swedish, Cranio Sacral and Mayan Abdominal Massage and utilize healing modalities including Reiki and Aromatherapy.

Massage appointments are available Monday through Saturday, day or evening. Call Carolina of Doula Quakenbush directly at 305-910-1799 to make an appointment.