Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) are are licensed psychotherapists and healing arts practitioners who treat persons involved in interpersonal relationships. They are trained to assess, diagnose and treat individuals, couples, families and groups to achieve more adequate, satisfying and productive marriage, family and social relationships. The practice also includes premarital counseling, child counseling, divorce or separation counseling and other relationship counseling. Marriage and family therapists practice early crisis intervention and brief, focused psychotherapy to resolve problems or reduce symptoms in the shortest time possible.

Our staff therapists are in private practice and specialize in issues of pregnancy and parenthood. They work with individuals and couples during the hope and frustration of fertility, the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy, and the exciting but exhausting transition to parenthood. Our therapists can also help with the pain and loss of miscarriage, as well as the disappointment of a cesarean section or other unexpected and difficult birth outcomes. Each works with a wide range of families from straight to queer (LGBTQ) as well as families with alternative structures.