yoga classes

Our fitness and yoga classes are designed for the needs of women during the childbearing years. They provide an opportunity for women to experience support from a community that understands and honors the changes that occur in pregnancy, early parenthood and beyond. Our staff are specially trained in the issues revolving around prenatal and postnatal care. The goal of our fitness program is to offer women high quality classes, as well as opportunities for social and personal growth. Whether you are prenatal or postpartum, and looking for weight loss or strengthening classes, we offer what you need when you need it! No experience necessary.


Prenatal Yoga

Our class is specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy and interweaves childbirth education with yoga's therapeutic applications by building strength, promoting relaxation and improving circulation, flexibility and balance. Focused on helping you feel comfortable, relaxed and fit during pregnancy, our class helps you increase your energy and stamina and reduces fatigue, tension and tightness.  We emphasize proper technique and practice deep breathing to improve focus and concentration, which can help ease labor and delivery. Our  open community allows you to freely discuss anything, from discomforts and concerns, to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing. Classes are open to healthy pregnant women in their second or third trimester of pregnancy. Please get approval from your doctor or midwife before registering for class. Moms with newborns and pre-crawlers are also invited to attend. Individual classes are $20.00 or five for $85.00.


Baby & Me Yoga

Our class will help carry you smoothly through the busy early months of caring for a new baby and focuses on strengthening the spiritual, emotional and physical bond between mother and child. Using interactive, slow-moving postures this class is designed to re-build your core, strengthen the pelvic floor, release tension and create balance in your chakras. We involve the babies as weights, incorporate shared mommy/baby poses and infant massage  along with various exercises that assist the development of your child's motor skills. Breath work and sacred meditations create the opportunity for further bonding.  At the closure of each class the instructor will teach parents fun and easy songs and movements to calm and delight your little one. No yoga experience necessary. Classes are open to healthy postpartum women. Please get approval from your doctor or midwife before registering for class. Baby & Me classes is intended for moms with newborns (4 weeks old) through pre-crawlers.  Moms with toddlers will usually be more comfortable in Mommy & Toddler yoga. Individual classes are $25.00 or five for $100.00.


Mommy & Toddler Yoga

With a new baby in your life, hitting the gym may seem like an exercise in futility. Sleep deprivation and trying to find a sitter often stand in the way. Yoga class can be a great support network for new moms, an opportunity to interact with women who share a common experience of a new birth, and desire to get themselves back in shape in a confortable, low-stress environment - all done in a place where your baby is welcome to nap, join the class or just  play with toys. This class focuses on the needs of mamas and crawlers/early-walkers and creates a fun environment for family play & bonding. This will be a flowing Vinyasa class including strong core work, energizing yoga, rejuvenating poses, and is appropriate for experienced practitioners as well as beginners. No yoga experience necessary. Parents with pre-crawlers will usually be more comfortable in Baby & Me, but everyone is welcome.  Depending on their tempermant, some babies do great in this class. Please do bring your mat, baby blankets and whatever you need to be comfortable with your baby. Because we like to keep this class small, pre-payment and online registration are required. Individual classes are $25.00 or five for $100.00.


Personal Training

Exercising can improve fatigue and lessen the risk of postpartum depression. It is the best way to regain pre-pregnancy muscle tone and with proper nutrition, it can be the most efficient method for weight loss. Our postpartum classes are designed to meet the physical requirements of new mothers and are specifically tailored to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor, as well as the core muscles necessary to regain overall fitness. Our personal trainers specialize in postnatal conditioning and draw upon experience as women’s health & fitness coaches to guide new moms through an effective training program. Training classes are indoor/outdoor (weather permitting) and designed for all fitness levels that will tone and strengthen your entire body. When outdoors, enjoy Miami’s beautiful weather while you work out with other new moms. No need for a babysitter! Just bring the little one along to play and have some fun while making friends and getting in shape. All you need is a sturdy stroller, diapering items, food for babies/toddlers, and lots of water. Bring your baby and work out to music with other moms and babies. In both environments babies will love to watch your movement and participate in the exercises.


Prenatal Yoga for Partners

This specialty workshop provides an opportunity for couples to enhance awareness and confidence in pregnancy, labor and birth together.

Learning functional yoga tools through discussion, gentle postures, breathwork, vocal toning, meditation and massage, couples will cultivate greater relaxation, intimacy, understanding and enjoyment for childbearing.  Calm and confidence ease the birthing process, reducing pain and increase the joy of giving birth. Couples will practice giving and receiving in a supportive partner yoga practice that is beneficial for cultivating connection, and harmony throughout pregnancy and during labor.  Expectant partners feel more connected to the unborn baby. The presence, participation and encouragement of a woman’s partner are a powerful aid to labor and delivery.  Expectant fathers will be encouraged to understand how to support their partners with confidence and sensitivity. This workshop is available for all partners of pregnant mothers and beneficial at any stage of pregnancy.

The poses taught will help prepare your body for labor, but it will also help prepare your relationship as well. Classes are $49.00.


Please note: Our small classes allow instructors to provide individual attention for each student. Because we like to keep our classes small, pre-payment and online registration are required.   Our classes are designed so that newcomers may participate in the sessions with little or no prior experience. We allow and encourage time to share experiences and discuss issues during each class period.  Release forms must be signed prior to participation in any of the fitness and yoga classes. Allow 5-10 minutes before class to sign in and set up. Please do bring your mat, baby blankets water and whatever you need to be comfortable. We look forward to seeing you soon!